News headlines and opinions


Oscar Pistorius to be moved to housed arrest – jailed for killing his girlfriend, is to be freed from prison to house arrest next Tuesday, a South African parole board says.

Understandably, he is still serving time and punishment for his crime, Pistorius has spent 12 months in jail and will now spend the rest of his sentence under what is termed in South Africa “correctional supervision”, the parole board said.

Koko and her kittens: the extraordinary moment a gentle gorilla adopts two tiny cats and showers them with cuddles – because she doesn’t have babies of her own.

Koko the gorilla is famous for having learned a large number of hand signs from a modified version of American Sign Language.But less well known is the fact that she absolutely loves babies – despite not having had the opportunity to mother any of her own.

She often signs the word ‘baby’, carries gorilla dolls in her arms, and even pretends that her dolls can sign by moving their arms and hands.So in celebration of the ape’s 44th birthday, her trainer Francine Patterson introduced her to some other babies – a litter of kittens.

Hero paramedic ditches her own wedding to save crash victims in her wedding dress.

The off duty paramedic who had just got married rushed to help her father and grandparents who were involved in the crash.


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