Sky News…Controversial interviews or not, they’ve got a big audience

Sky News is a 24 hour international, multi-media operation based in the UK, it has also been voted News Channel of the Year.

Even though they have their own news channel on the TV, they are mainly focused on broadcasting their news through media sites such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. However much of the news broadcast is also followed by an interview with somebody in connection with that certain story.

One of the most famous Sky News presenters and news anchor is Kay Burley, she is said to be one of the most aggressive news journalists on the TV today. She has also lost her ‘cool’ in interviews with people such as a Labour MP and Alton Towers Chief Executive, in which more than 2,000 complaints were received by Ofcom.

The controversy of the channel could be causing them to lose viewers, however with today’s generation constantly on social network sites Sky News are taking the right move in making their news broadcastable on other types of media.

In my experience of watching the news, people are more interested when exciting news comes on the TV, so with Sky making the news exciting with heated interviews and different approaches of journalism styles, I think their news channel is the one to which hooks its viewers the most.


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