BBC News: The nation’s favourite?

It is no doubt that BBC News is the nations favourite news show, their contents of their news shows are always the latest updates on stories and are very informative.

According to new figures released by media regulator Ofcom, more than half of people in the UK regard the BBC as their single most important source of news.

It is also the largest news provider globally, and there is always a correspondent in the country or area where the news story is taken place, many news channels do not have this resource. And because of its public funding status it doesn’t need to chase ratings when reporting information.

Their audience is of an older generation, however their news is only affected by this when politics is involved. You will generally see many elections and political and events from around the world being published and broadcast on the BBC news channel.

A lot of the younger generation in the UK are after more exciting news, what we would now called ‘Gossip’.

The BBC has only won the status of the most reliable news channel, as it doesn’t broadcast anything that cannot be backed up with evidence.


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