Channel 4 News: ins and outs

The Channel 4 news program uses the techniques required to make it more interesting show for viewers of all ages whilst still managing to stay professional. The channel itself has a younger generation of audience and sometimes their news programs reflect that aspect in the material they broadcast.

However they do follow all journalism techniques to create successful interviews such as…

Setting their ‘SOT’ – sound on tape, for example one interview they conducted with a student from Oxford University showed him actually in the grounds of the university. This shows they’ve taken the time to visit the interviewee in the natural ‘habitat’ related to that story. Their strength of story and interviewee was key to make the ‘SOT’ an interesting  and an appealing story to the viewers as Channel 4 generally has a younger generation of audience than such news programs like BBC or ITV.

The second is the use of camera angles and cutaways… to make the interview look better the more shots of camera angles that are shown create a more sophisticated style to the interview. The best camera shot for a close up interview is to use a medium close up, where you can get the interviewee’s head and shoulders in the picture for better framing by having their eyes two thirds of the way up and across the screen. The use of cutaways, cut-ins and a mid shot or wide shot can vary the style of the interview and ultimately add to the story and where it is set.  Also having them not looking straight into the camera is key as well, looking to the left or right of the camera is a better angle to use  and avoids awkwardness of them having to actually look directly into the camera which people may find much more nerve racking than actually being on the TV.



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