BBC news: Coverage of Donald Trump…

The BBC interviewed Kate Andrews from Republican Overseas about Trump’s campaign which has been littered with controversial and offensive comments.

The interview takes place in the BBC studio’s, the background is not where the action is happening and is a lot like the Sky News interviews, where they get an expert or somebody who knows about the issue to share their view.

The BBC always conduct engaging interviews and this is their secret:

  • The interviewee is looking to the left of the camera, avoiding looking straight at the camera. It avoids awkwardly looking into the camera and straight at the audience.
  • They use shots such as a two-shot, where they have framed both the interviewer and interviewee.
  • Using a shot such as an Over-the-shoulder shot gives you the interviewee/interviewer’s point of view and gives a different angle of the camera to make the interview more interesting.

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