Radio news listening log: 29th February

BBC Radio 5 Live: Drive 

The DAB, talk – radio station focusses on the main stories of that day, speaking to the experts and specialising on phone-ins, interviews and sports commentaries.

The station is broadcasting rolling news and transmitting news as it breaks, for example on the show today:

“Councils warn it will soon be impossible to give every child a secondary school place” 

This was main story of the show in which Tony Livesey talked to Robert Piggott, their education correspondent.

The two-way between presenters is live and this is shown through their version of speech, it is slightly conversational even though the 5 live reporter is meant to be the expert within the two-way.

  • The story was told in two to three sentences before they spoke to experts/council bosses so the audience understands the context of the story, also known as copy.
  • When Livesey spoke to a council boss from Manchester it was pre recorded, therefore he used a ‘clip’ also known as a soundbite from the interview


The second big story of the day was the migrant camp in Calais being cleared.

  • Anna Foster used copy to introduce the story and then crossed over to a correspondent in France who had made a ‘package’ as they were not able to speak to her live.




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