Radio news Listening Log: 14th March

BBC Radio 5 Live: Drive

The station is broadcasting rolling news and transmitting news as it breaks. The station uses a ‘menu’, which is a list of what’s to come on the show. They generally use it before and after a big story breaks, to show what’s left to come on the show.

They also use traditional news values as a way of converting the stories they broadcast to ‘news you can use’. The station never uses music beds, which the anchor will talk over when reading the news. This shows how professional the station and distinguishes between a music station and a talk radio station.

Focussing mainly on consumer stories and health issues, however today on the show they focussed on a story from Russia:

“Europe and Russia launch their first joint mission to find signs of life on Mars.”

Tony Livesey interviews Emily Stewart Lakdawalla, Senior Editor of The Planetary Society. He used a ‘donut’ where he passed back to Anna for another news bulletin before she introduced the next story.

Today’s programme was ‘co-hosted’, as Tony and Anna shared the responsibilities of reading news equally, maybe because there were many topics talked about on the show.



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