West Park’s Rugby Tour 2016.

As the rugby season comes to an end, the under 17 players at West Park Rugby Union Club are gearing up for another adventure, next stop the Netherlands!

The boys are touring the Netherlands – they will play two local Dutch teams in order to gain extra experience as part of their training for next season.

As part of the experience, the under 17’s have planned the trip and the fundraising efforts themselves with some help and guidance from their coaches.


The team held their first fundraising event on Friday 1st July, which raised £535!

They organised a race night in which friends and family of West Park were able to come down to the club house and enjoy an evening of entertainment. The players even auctioned off themselves to lend a helping hand around the house of the winning bids, the bidding was sensational!

However, the boys still have a lot of fundraising to do and have set up a ‘GoFundMe’ page, for anyone who cannot make any events they organise but who would still like to donate.

Please feel free to donate here –  https://www.gofundme.com/2a4m68bk


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