Slimming World Blog – week 3

Day 1:

Breakfast: So onto week three and no bacon for breakfast, trying to start the week with a healthy kick. Muller light yoghurt which is free along with lots of speed food in the shape of Strawberries, Raspberries and Melon!

Lunch: Pasta with tomatoes and carrots, something healthy and full of speed food, a really nice meal for lunch.

Dinner: Stir Fry with prawns and noodles, this has got to be my favourite meal so far! It’s cookable from scratch and can be full of speed food like pepper, carrots and spring onion.

Day 2:

Breakfast: Well I spoke too soon, aha! I had bacon, but no bread! Instead i had mushroom with the bacon, so starting the day off well with some speed food!

Lunch: Aromatic chicken and noodles as part of the slimming world meals at iceland, a little spicy and takes a while to cook in the microwave, but a nice meal for when i was at work!

Dinner: Chicken Curry and rice with pepper and onion, homemade and full of speed food. It was a nice meal and so enjoyable after a full day at work.

Day 3:

Breakfast: Another healthier start to the day with a Muller Light Yoghurt with Raspberries and strawberries, and i am actually enjoying them!!

Lunch: Tuna pasta salad, part of the slimming world range at iceland! I love these, it’s a beautiful meal especially when you’re on the go all day or at work!

Dinner: Sunday Roast, Beef with potato and cauliflower and cabbage! An easy way of eating a third of a plate of speed food!

Day 4:

Breakfast: Only had speed food for breakfast this morning; Strawberries and mango were all i had time for, but worth it!

Lunch: Out for lunch and had nandos, the good thing about slimming world is you can eat the things you really like as long as you count them within your syns. So i had the plain chicken on a wrap with spicy rice and a double helping of mixed leaf salad!

Dinner: Cottage Pie with mash and lots and lots of speed food, such as, carrots tomato, onion, broccoli and mushroom!

Day 5:

Breakfast: Muller light yoghurt with strawberries, a healthy start to a full packed day!

Lunch: Homemade soup, on cold winter days this is the best way to fill up and stay warm.

Dinner: Homemade curry with chicken and rice along with speed food like tomatoes, peppers and onion.

Day 6:

Breakfast: Two slices of wholemeal bread as part of  my HEXb, with two tesco healthy living sausages which are a syn each!

Lunch: Pepper and onion with noodles, keeping up with the speed food is a must when getting to the end of the week!

Dinner: SW chips and homemade goulash, Mum made goulash all free with loads of speed food!

Day 7:

Breakfast: Muller light yoghurt with strawberries, a quick healthy breakfast!

Lunch: Eating out is quite hard, especially when it comes to restaurants, so all i had  was Vegetable broth soup and some salad with a small white bread roll.

Dinner: Onto a light tea before weigh in – Jacket potato with tuna and loads of speed food like tomato and lettuce.

Weigh in: -2lb

8lb in total… and MY HALF STONE AWARD! sw1award

Here’s to more next week, feeling stronger and more motivated!



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