Slimming world blog – week 4

Day 22:

Breakfast: Tomato, Bacon and Mushroom. A cooked breakfast always makes me feel full and starts the day on a good note, food-wise

Lunch: Homemade soup, a great way to fill up on speed food. The more speed food you eat, the better, it makes me feel healthier and gives you a big energy boost!

Dinner: Chicken with noodles and carrot, pepper, onion and garlic. This is such a quick and easy meal because everything can be cooked all in the same pan! Adding some soy sauce always gives it extra flavour along with the garlic – and it’s a free sauce, Bonus!!

Day 23:

Breakfast: Lots and Lots of fruit!!! Strawberries, melon, grapes and pineapple, half of these being speed food is good, starting the day off with a healthy kick, feeling more motivated each day!!

Lunch: Tuna Pasta salad, part of the slimming world range at iceland. These meals are great for on the go lunches, they have speed food in and if you needed you could add extra speed food.

Dinner: Chicken curry with boiled rice and pepper and onions. Curry is one of my favourite meals, however i am struggling to find some more speed food that goes with a curry!

Day 24:

Breakfast: Raspberries for breakfast,  big kick for a sunday when im feeling a little lousy!

Lunch: Homemade soup – pea and ham, perfect for cold days watching the rugby!

Dinner: Roast chicken with potatoes, parsnips, carrot, cauliflower and turnip. Didnt really have much speed food today, but definitely made up for it in the evening!

Day 25:

Breakfast: Again loads and loads of fruit, definitely a must when you haven’t got time for a breakfast before you leave for work or university! I had melon, raspberries, strawberries and grapes, it also makes you feel so full and not at all bloated!

Lunch: A Chicken salad with cucumber, red onion, lettuce and tomato, added some flavor with sweet chilli sauce which was only 1 syn, tastes great and there was more than enough speed food!

Dinner: Pasta with bacon (fat cut off), more red onion and tomato for speed food!

Day 26:

Breakfast: Mushrooms and bacon, a cooked breakfast for a very long day!

Lunch: Thai noodle salad as part of the slimming world free range, a nice dinner for taking to uni or work, and they fill you up, yet taste great!

Dinner: Cottage pie, this is another great meal where you can have more than a 3rd of veg with a meal. It’s warm, filling and great in the winter evenings, roll on weigh in!

Day 27:

Breakfast: Muller light yoghurt with Raspberries and strawberries, speed speed speed food, final day before weigh in and most importantly staying on top of your speed food!

Lunch: Prawn pasta salad, with Marie Rose Sauce – 5.5 syns, but so nice! there was loads of speed food within it, added bonus to the flavour!

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese, pasta and less than 5% minced meat and peppers onion and carrot! Such a lovely meal and it’s so easy to make without a packet, loads of herbs and spices available as free food as well!

Day 28:

Breakfast: Strawberries with a hifi bar, quick and simple but always need to have some speed food first thing in a morning!

Lunch:  Pasta mug shot with Mushroom, pepper and red onion! A lovely warm meal that fills you up whilst making sure you get loads of speed food eaten, and only takes 10 mins maximum to make!

Dinner: A bit of treat day today, off for a nandos, still eating loads of speed with my plain chicken wrap and only using 8.5 syns on the wrap shows you can still stay on plan and eat out!


WEIGH IN: 5lbs off !!!!!!

OMG, so happppyyyyy, only 1lb left until i get my 1 stone award!

Here’s to a full and speed foody week!



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