Slimming World blog – week 7

So i feel like this week has been a bit of a strange one, even though i have tried to stay on plan for most of the week!

I thought i would feature some of my favourite meals in this weeks blog post and give my best tips when thinking about joining Slimming World.

Favorite meals:

Chicken Stir Fry -This meal is so easy to make and so tasty! You can easily grab your speed food in one go, but yet you don’t feel like you’re eating loads of veg. Plus the soy sauce is free of syns which makes it even better! stirfrychicken

Bacon and Mushroom –  I must go on about bacon so much on my blog, but a full breakfast is exactly what i need to start the day well! I always have more mushrooms that pieces of bacon due to them being speed food, but its always good to start the day with speed food and protein, rather than with Carbs. bandm

Chilli con carne – Again another easy way of gaining your speed food in great portions. Kidney beans, mushroom, peppers, onion and tomatoes – and evening meal full of speed food, with rice and 5% fat minced meat! Another great thing about slimming world is that the syns you have can be anything, so what’s great is you can have Tortilla Chips with it and make it a proper mexican meal – 25g of doritos is only 5.5 syns!


Top Tips:

So exercising can boost your weight loss by 30%, however doing the same thing in the gym each day/week can build muscle which weighs more than fat.

When it comes to getting active, try something new. Leisure centres are introducing new activities all the time, like Zumba, cheerleading, hula-hooping, Bokwa or walking groups.

You might be amazed at what you find – and what you enjoy!


Speed food is the most important thing to think about when doing slimming world.

Aim to fill a third of your plate at every meal with fresh or frozen vegetables. They’ll make sure you feel satisfied and stay feeling full for longer.


Eating out can be easy on slimming world – but you have to optimise!

Research where you’re going, check what syns are in the meals and if need be save two or three days of syns for that meal out!

When you go out to eat, check the menu before you get to the restaurant and go for the healthiest option.


If you’re short of time, try planning ahead and batch-cooking healthy meals in advance. Because when you’re at work and Uni and you dont have time to cook a full meal, then the night before make two portions and freeze one so you always have meals with speed food in that you can cook as quick as anything!

They can be a real life-saver because they remove the need to order last-minute takeaways, which are likely to be high in fat and calories.


So…. WEIGH IN: -4lbs

Ive got a few targets coming up in my next one or two weeks!

  • loss of 1lb next week would take me to a new number!
  • loss of 2lb will take me to my club10 weight!
  • loss of 3lb would take me to 1 1/2 stone lost!

Wish me good luck!


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