Slimming World Blog – week 8&9

I am really sorry I didn’t post an update last week… However, I have some big news to tell you… READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE!!!!

Now a few people have been asking me questions about the food i’m eating whilst i’m on the slimming world diet.

I would rather call it a lifestyle change, because i haven’t stopped eating the food i like. I just have to count the syns in foods like biscuits, crisps, sweets and chocolate!

sweetsFor example, the mini Haribo packets of sweets are 4.5 syns or the giant strawberries are 1.5 syns each.




Some people have also been asking me about my breakfasts. They cannot believe i can have a cooked breakfast, well get ready to be enlightened!baconandmushroom

Having bacon and mushrooms for breakfast is healthy because if you don’t fry them and cook them under the grill instead, it’s a healthier way of cooking.

Also a good way of cooking mushrooms is to put them in a jug, spray them a couple of times with ‘Frylite’  and add some garlic.

Then put them into the microwave for two minutes or less; they come out golden and taste INCREDIBLE!


I also wanted to add a favourite meal that I’ve had this week.

My gran cooked me an incredible jacket potato with Tuna and a whole plate full of salad, including carrot, pepper, lettuce, cucumber, spring onion and tomato!

This is an absolutely brilliant meal to have, because there is more than enough speed food and you can have more than a third of a plate full of vegetables or fruit.

salald abd tune


Now…. I have  some amazing news, last week i lost 1 and a half pounds, which is good and i got down into a new number!

But this week i also lost 1 and a half pounds meaning i’ve achieved my CLUB 10 AWARD and my 1 AND A HALF STONE AWARD!!!!!!!!

club 10 and one and a half stone

This week ive worked really hard because i knew if i set my mind to it i could do it!

So next week, I promise that i will get back on top of my blogging, but if i dont please remind me! The more support i get the better!


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