Last week I had a big weight loss, however, I knew that this week I wouldn’t lose as much! I was also only 2lbs off my two stone award and hoping to lose that this week!

I am feeling a bit disheartened this week because I haven’t lost the 2lbs, instead I lost 1.5lbs, so now I am only half a pound off my two stone award.

I tried my fair share of diets and never really stuck at it, but with Slimming World I feel so motivated. Like most people, I made a New Year’s Resolution to become healthier, whether that was going the gym more often or changing my lifestyle.

However, Slimming World isnt a diet as such, its definitely a lifestyle change… “diets” never worked, as short term fixes generally don’t and as soon as you return to that way of eating again, the weight piles back on.

Any weight loss journey needs to be a life time change, it may take you a year, or two and that’s okay.

One of the beauties of Slimming World, is that it teaches you those healthy lifestyle changes and how to make better food choices and can be much more maintainable in the long run.

I am not afraid to say that it may take a little longer for the next couple of stone to come off, because for it to happen I am going to have to work extra hard. I’ll have to start having raw speed food, such as spinach or pepper with each meal instead of carbs like rice or pasta.

WEIGH IN: Loss of 1.5LBs – 1 stone 13.5 LBs

However, what I have lost is a big achievement. I never honestly thought I would lose all this weight in only 12 weeks!


One tip I would give is you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. This is your journey and we are all human and you’re weight can fluctuate.

Just embrace the plan, trust in Slimming World, make this a lifestyle change and don’t worry if you take the scenic route. We are all seeking the same goal, which is to get healthy, not to be ‘skinny thin!’




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