So this was my final week of the “12 week weight-loss plan”…. and although I’ve not put weight on this week, I have maintained the weight I was last week.

This isn’t bad news but it’s not good either… I should have lost a pound or two this week, and yes I will beat myself up about it.

However, I have had a bad week in terms of my mentality; various things have affected me since last week and meant that I haven’t been on ‘plan’ 100%.

I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal and I know it’s not the end of the world, but this is a big thing I am doing to change my lifestyle. The half-hearted effort I put in this week doesn’t and hasnt helped but I have bought another “12 week weight-loss plan”, because I am willing to carry on!

I need to fight a lot harder, but continue to drink more water, eat more speed food and start to feel better in the choices about the food I am eating!

This picture above shows me smiling and happy to be thinner (and lighter), but ultimately I have more energy and feel good!

The picture below is of me two years ago… I slept in lots, felt rubbish most of the time and was not eating ‘well’ (healthier)….

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Bday night out 💃🏽

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What a difference 12 weeks can make!

WEIGH IN: Maintained weight from last week

TOTAL LOSS: 1 stone 13.5 lbs


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