Onto another week of my second 12-week count-down, last week wasn’t a set back but it wasnt a step forward either!

However, this week I felt more motivated and knew I could lose that 1/2 a pound which had kept me from getting my 2 stone award!

But before I get down to what i weighed in this week, I wanted to share some things with you…

For years people have said diets are about what and how much you eat, however, with slimming world it’s more about counting the value of fatty ‘syn’d’ food.

It is okay to eat as much speed and free food as possible, because the more fruit and veg you eat the more your metabolism works to help you lose weight!

But, I have felt this week like I haven’t eaten between meals as much – especially in terms of speed food – and that ultimately has meant me maintaining my weight last week!

One thing I will say, is that although the weight isn’t coming off in massive amounts, I am noticing that the size of my body is changing – meaning I’m losing inches rather than pounds!

So here’s a few tips for when the weight does come off and you’re left with baggy jeans – aha lol!

Belt or safety pins (the waist of my jeans has changed dramatically) – You will need a belt, probably sooner than you think! If you don’t have one buy one or there may be an embarrassing moment or two! You don’t realise how quickly you can lose the weight and clothes can feel looser!

FullSizeRender (1)

WEIGH IN: YEESSSSS – loss of 1 LBs

Finally I have got my two stone award! It has been a long time running, but this lifestyle change isn’t a race!

Total loss – 2 stone 1/2 lbs


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