So last week I got to the point where I have lost half the wait I want to lose in total!!!! YAY!!

And this week I have tried extra hard to lose more this week…

But, there is something I want to share a recipe with you all that a good friend of mine, Anne Marie and her SW Consultant, gave as an example for Tomato Soup…  So the soup is syn free and is a great way to eat some speed food.

It’s tinned carrots and the water they come with, tinned tomatoes, baked beans and four pickled onions. And then blend it all together, you dont have to freeze it so you could keep bowls of it in the fridge and eat them anytime!

I feel so happy now I’m on slimming world, I am more energetic, I just bounce out of bed in the morning. And going to the gym isn’t a chore, i enjoy it which might be hard to believe, lol!!

Preparing meals from scratch can be a tough job, but I am so grateful for the support that my mum and gran give me… I know what I’m eating. Most of it is about common sense. If you want something a bit naughty, you have to have it in moderation.

I have had the most tremendous support and feedback from this blog, more than I ever imagined. If I’m honest, I thought no-one would read it.

The feedback my friends and family have given me, at times has had me emotional and in tears, I can’t believe I have inspired anyone. It just makes me feel incredible, so thank you all!


So… time for WEIGH IN:

loss of 1.5lbs – to be honest i know it’s not a massive amount but i will be really happy if i get 1.5lbs off each week for the next month!!!!!

Also the award, Slimmer of the Month award, is for last month, but something for me to push ahead to again in the coming weeks!!!


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