Week 15 – A bit of a crap week… Not going to lie!

I know where I’ve gone wrong, the stupid Easter eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The temptation has been too much… However, I’ve only had one egg and that has been split over 4 days… Which I didn’t think contained that many syns, but I was wrong.

So, I’ve not had a great week all round, but onwards and upwards!

I am setting myself up for success this week; I’m taking speed food everywhere with me, drinking lots of water and doing more exercise.

Tonight, when I got weighed my heart broke, I thought I had been good all week and only having little amounts of Easter egg. However, I haven’t been as active this week or drank enough water.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I am going to lose the weight I put back on and a hell of a lot more next week – CONCERTED EFFORT IN FULL FORCE!

Next couple of week’s my goals are to:

  1. Food plan – every meal
  2. Stop small mindless tastes, mini candy etc. at work.
  3. Keep up with my workouts – little and often

WEIGH IN: +2lbs

I am fuming and heartbroken … but there’s a lot I can take away from this week!

Things are going to come up.  Situations will arise where I will have no control over my weight loss but, I have to learn how to navigate those situations gracefully and have the control to make good decisions; while enjoying the moment.

This journey isn’t a race after all.


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