So after a gain last week, I have been on track all week and made sure I ate well in terms of speed and free food!

This week I also went back to basics and wrote in my food diary when and what I was eating. Trying to keep a food diary will help to show you where you went wrong during the week if you gained or maintained.

On certain weeks it may be that I haven’t eaten enough speed food or that I haven’t used all my syns.

Having a change in what food you are eating during the week is also another thing that can speed up weight loss. Have a treat every so often, whether that’s a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate is okay because you do have syns to use.

If you deprive yourself of something, you’ll only want it more and cravings could make you throw the towel in.


WEIGH IN: Loss of 3.5lbs

So after a strange but inevitable gain last week, I am now back on track and the next half stone award is in sight!!


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