I was a little late with my blog last week, so here’s this weeks edition, earlier than usual!

Last week made me so happy and more motivated for the week ahead.

But, before I tell you my weigh in I wanted to share a few things with you all…

Over the next few weeks it’s going to become harder and harder to lose LBs each week, but there are a few things I can do to help the weight come off!

First of all i need to look at the ratio of food i am eating, for example, as well as using all/most of my syns i need to make sure i am eating big amounts of speed food.

Secondly i need to cut out all/most carbohydrates from meals and just have speed food and protein. This will be following the SP option within the slimming world book.

*Soppy yet boasting moment* lol….

I am so proud of the amount of weight i have lost so far and to be honest i think my confidence has already grown with what i can wear, clothing wise!

Yes, i am still obsessed with having bacon and mushroom for breakfast… the perks of only eating speed food and protein mean i can fill up on my favourites!


I know this seems cliche, but this a couple of months ago i never would have thought i would have ever fit back into my leather skirt… and now i look even better in it than i did when i bought it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WEIGH IN: -1lb

So only one pound off this week, but again it’s a journey not a race. To be honest the weight is more likely to stay away if it comes off in small amounts!


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