SLIMMING WORLD – weeks 18 &19

So… last week i had a little blip, I didnt lose anything and put on quite a bit. However, i have worked out why…. I had my tea before i got weighed!

Aha strange i know, but a jacket potato, tuna and salad can add 3lbs to your weight if not digested!

But i have been on a warpath this week trying to lose what i had put on last week and more!

“I will fight for it, I will never give up, I will reach my goal and absolutely nothing will stop me!”

The thing is, carbohydrates are very heavy once they have been eaten, so having them with every meal isn’t the best idea when trying to lose weight.

Now pasta and potatoes are free food but you can’t over eat them otherwise it could limit the amount of weight lost each week.

One tip I’ve learned is to half the amount of carbs you eat with each meal, or only have them with one meal each day – both options are easy to do and can up the weight loss each week!

So now a soppy moment lol…. I can’t believe how many people have complimented me on how good i look.

Yes i see it but it makes an impact when the people who matter the most to me compliment me on my achievements!

Lots of love to you all xoxox


WEIGH IN: loss of 4lbs


YES…. so finally i have lost a good amount of weight after losing only 1lb a week


Also word of warning i dont have a weigh in for next week as i have booked a holiday…


But keep an eye on my social media for pictures of the University Journalism Awards


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