After having an amazing week last week I was determined to stay on track and have another fabulous weight loss!

But first I thought i’d share a few things i’ve discovered over the past couple of months….

There are so many diets out there for people to try, however, finding the right one for you isnt easy. Slimming world gives you the option of eating and trying new food but also you can still keep eating the food you like, you just have to measure it!

But, I have felt this week like I haven’t eaten between meals as much – especially in terms of speed food – I have also enjoyed food that i had put off eating in the past couple of weeks because i thought it would optimise my weight loss.

However, this last week i have had food like toast which i have counted as syns because i it’s important to vary what food you’re eating and when! Ultimately this has meant i have lost more because ive used up my syns in proportion to the speed food i am eating!

Recipe of the month – lol thought i’d give it a go!

Tuna Pasta Bake – originally in the slimming world magazine but i added my own twist!

Serves 4:

300g of penne pasta

low-calorie cooking spray

4-5 peppers

2 garlic cloves {crushed}

1 teaspoon of dried chilli flakes

400g of tinned tomatoes

2 tablespoons of tomato puree

mixed herbs

200g of fat-free natural cottage cheese

3 cans of tuna

160g of reduced fat cheddar cheese {grated}

So gorgeous – a joy to eat!!!



WEIGH IN: loss of 3.5lbs

Yay!!!!!!!! another good week, so happy and so proud!



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