With only a couple of days to go before i fly to Barcelona, i wanted to make this week of Slimming World to be the best ive had…… this is because i am only 3.5 lbs off losing 3 stone!

So before i get to the weigh in here is an inevitable soppy look back at how far i have come over my weight loss journey!

I have tried a fair share of diets and until Slimming world i’ve never really stuck at it or been motivated enough to make a change to my diet!

I made the new year’s resolution to feel better, healthier and thinner! Until now i have done minimal exercise but i seem to have gained a ‘gym bug’, as well as the change in my diet, which seems to be making a difference to my weight loss.

Here is a photo of me in a pair of trousers i wore for a meal in December…. They’re so big on me, i just cant get over how different I look!!


I have had the most amazing support from everyone…. I can’t thank you all enough, it has motivated me more each week to lose more and more! I can’t believe I have inspired anyone. It just makes me feel incredible, so thank you all!


WEIGH IN: loss of 3.5lbs

TOTAL LOSS:        3     STONE!!!!!!


I cannot believe this! Too happy to put into words….. now for a celebratory glass of wine, lol 6 syns worth using on a glass of pino!



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