SlimmingWorld Progress Update!

I last updated my blog before I went on holiday to Barcelona, since then a lot has changed (keep reading to find out more)…. that week I only put on half a pound, which I must admit was a miracle, considering what I ate!

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However, getting back on track is a very important and hard task once you’ve taken 3 or more days off slimming world! I recommend going back to basics: start writing everything you have or are going to eat, remember lots and lots of speed food and finally drink plenty of water. After going abroad it’s so easy to become dehydrated, but it’s also key for you’re weight-loss that you’re flushing out any bad toxins.


Since losing three stone, i imagined it would be harder to keep loosing massive amounts each week. However, the week after I lost three stone, I lost 5lbs that week and was awarded slimmer of the week!




During you’re weight-loss period i recommend having a day each week where you have a ‘cheat day’.

I feel that a day with a loss of concentration on what you’re eating helps you to stay on track throughout the rest of the week!

I few people may say this isnt a good idea, but i have tried it and i don’t believe it massively alters you’re weekly weight-loss!

I have been on two holidays in two months and still been able to loose lots of weight, it just proves what is possible when you put your mind to it! (trying not too brag too much i promise!)


I get weighed again on Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled for another update!!!!


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