About Me

My interest in starting a career early in life comes with a drive to constantly improve.
Ultimately my career goal is within journalism, which I am now studying for at the University of Salford.

As a journalist, I am open and adaptable; I’m proficient in shooting and editing film and audio as well as writing, though text is my preferred medium.

Whilst at the University of Salford, I have participated in the online platform– ‘Quays News’, where I reviewed events, theatre shows and music events, such as: Revolution Cycling at the National Cycling Centre, The Overtones and Hazel O’Connor. I now have a placement at the rugby union club Sale Sharks, I can now gain more knowledge of sport which is essential to a journalist nowadays.

I enjoy every aspect of what I have studied so far, and would like to broaden my knowledge with more work experience around the career of journalist. For example, I now have my own radio show, which i gained by adding a ‘journalistic edge’ to Shock Radio. I also read the news on Shock Radio, it’s great experience for my journalistic career pathway.

A conscientious, polite individual; I demonstrate independence and confidence. With plenty of personality, combined with my willing-to-try anything attitude, I am capable of successful working well in everything I put my mind to.

Here is my contact details if anyone would like to contact me:


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